It's happening at COLSA.

Making Waves with Dirt


As the new Editor-in-Chief of Issues in Ecology, Serita Frey is good at making waves with dirt. In addition to her work as Professor of Soil Microbial Ecology in the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture (COLSA) at the University of New Hampshire (UNH), this role with the Ecological Society of America’s (ESA) publication enables Frey to make policy recommendations to decision makers as well as inform the public-at-large. “One of my intentions is to build public understanding of ecological issues relevant to society,” says Frey. “Another is to bring information that is more accurate to the folks who are influencing policy.”

As Editor, Frey will help shape and determine which topics are highlighted by Issues in Ecology, a journal whose primary audience includes policy-makers who need to be presented with the facts of objective science in order to make properly informed decisions. “I will be soliciting people to author relevant issues,” she says, citing an interest in further discussions on how soils adapt to changing climate conditions.

Frey served on the Issues in Ecology’s Board of Advisors for a year before president-elect Jill Baron stepped down from her position as Editor-in-Chief. Baron and the publication committee approached Frey about taking on the responsibility. Wanting to be more involved with the society, Frey gladly accepted. In addition to what Frey has done – and will be doing – for the ESA, her appointment has also brought additional visibility to the important research being conducted at UNH. “We have a large number of ecologists on campus.” says Frey. “My involvement with Issues will add to our continued and growing involvement in the ecological sciences.”

- Victoria Forester Courtland