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From Young Entrepreneur to Future Large Animal Vet


Adam Crowther ’13 grew up on a small beef farm in Jackson, NH, where he helped his family raise cows and chickens. His heart remained true to these agricultural roots when he entered the University of New Hampshire (UNH) as a freshman. Crowther will graduate this spring, with a degree in Pre-Veterinary Science and a minor in Dairy Science, from the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture (COLSA) at UNH. The past four years have been an integral part of his educational pursuits to become a large animal veterinarian in the future.

Growing up in rural New Hampshire, Crowther was given ample opportunities to develop his interests in farming, large animal care, and dairy science. Before his ninth birthday, he purchased his first cow; at twelve, he started an egg business with 200 laying hens; and by the time he was sixteen, he’d acquired a pair of working oxen. In his freshman year of high school, Crowther began breeding cattle and faced his first veterinary crisis. “One of the cows was having trouble calving, and the vet was two hours away,” said Crowther. “I had to assist.” Fortunately for the animals, his early experience on the farm, combined with his burgeoning veterinary interests, proved to be effective in saving the lives of both the mother and her calf.


Today, Crowther has more than a few calving assists under his belt through his involvement in the student-run CREAM (Cooperative Real Education in Agricultural Management) program at the Fairchild Dairy Teaching and Research Center and summer work with a large animal veterinary practice in Conway. In addition, Crowther is the current president of the Dairy Club at UNH – a post he accepted at the beginning of the spring semester in his junior year. “My main goal has been to reorganize the club to help students become more involved with fundraising events at fairs, scooping ice cream for various stands, and hosting a booth at the Big E,” says Crowther. His community service work doesn’t end there, however; as a member of the professional chemistry fraternity at UNH, Alpha Chi Sigma, Crowther helps the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts in the chemistry labs, so they can earn their merit badges, and also offers General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry tutoring sessions for University students here on campus.

With the strong foundation of an undergraduate education in veterinary science and his entrepreneurial spirit, Crowther has the scientific knowledge and a passion for outreach that will propel him toward both his goal of becoming a large animal veterinarian and a leader in his community.

- Victoria Forester Courtland

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